First Year Of University.

Its official my first year of university is FINISHED! Its so crazy how fast it has gone. I’ve made some amazing friends,created some unforgettable memories and had one too many drinks on nights out… I am going to write the experiences of a fresher and how the year has gone. Enjoy!


The start. I was so so nervous living with 6 random strangers! Was I going to like them? were they going to like me? what if we argued all the time? what if i was stuck with “lads” who kept me up 24/7 or bitchy girls who made me want to stay in my room? Luckily they were all so lovely. As a flat we’ve spent many nights playing games in our kitchen,watching films,going bowling,eating together and spending the majority of our time laughing.


I was so excited for freshers week and let me tell you something it 100% lived up to everything I had heard. 2 weeks full of themed nights out and cheap drinks it was the perfect way to start making friends! Some of my best memories this year have come from freshers. After most nights a massive group of us would stumble down to the beach as we didnt want the nights to end. If you’re heading to uni this september you need to go to at least one freshers event, trust me it will be worth it.


(Our transportation to the beach!)

Halloween,Bonfire Night & Christmas

So these three months went in a blur, they were definitely my favourite times because everything was themed. Lets start with Halloween. The first thing you need to know about this time of year is that university students definitely know how to go all out. A massive group of us dressed up, had a party and then went to an amazing event. It was good to see how much effort everyone put into it. Me and my flatmate went as the iconic duo Mickey & Minnie Mouse (Zombiefied of course).

Bonfire night resulted in a small group of us going down to the beach for a bonfire,sparklers,wine and watching the fireworks over the sea. Although it was VERY cold it was a really cute evening which will be hard to beat this year.

CHRISTMAS. My ultimate favourite time of year(also my birthday month!) It was my first year not waking up at home which I was quite upset about and I was leaving my teen years and turning 20. My flat made sure this birthday was extra special decorating the hallway in pink balloons, banners on my door, a Princess themed card with a hedgehog present. Then all of my friends come round for pre drinking before we headed out. I wore a glittery dress, a tiara on my head and danced under a confetti canon whilst they sang happy birthday to me. Then we headed out and I danced the night away. After my birthday the countdown to christmas was on! My flat had an early christmas dinner with music,wine,food and games after. We also done secret santa and it was like an early christmas with a second family. I also attended my first masquerade ball! live band,casino corner and drinks flowing? perfect night.




Entering 2017 & St. Patricks Day

I couldn’t wait to come back after spending christmas seeing my friends and family back home. I was ready to return for the second half of the year. A few of my friends had birthdays in January so obviously we went out and celebrated in style. The weekend of St.Patricks day is something I will remember for a very very long time. It was my friends birthday the day after so we done a pub crawl, entering her birthday with her all wearing Guinness hats having the whole of wetherspoons sing to her. It was 100% an unforgetable night. Then the next day on her actual birthday we hosted a fancy dress party, theme? Film/Tv characters! Everyone made the effort and went full out with dressing up. My flatmate and I took on another iconic duo of Spongebob & Patrick. Perfect fancy dress party.



Start of Summer

I go to uni by a beach of course me and my friends have constantly been down by the sea having BBQ’s and Bonfires in the evenings. Watching sunsets, drinking wine,endless laughs and day trips to other beaches exploring. It’s a perfect start to summer.



My Girls

Obviously I’ve met loads of amazing people both male and female, I have a pretty good group of friends but this year would not of been half of what it was if it wasn’t for my 5 girls. One being my flatmate and the others girls I’ve met on my course we have all shared so many fun nights together. Girly nights in watching DVDs eating chocolate,game nights,beach trips,nights out or just hanging out its been so much fun. I’m so lucky to have met a solid group of friends who have helped each other out massively with boy drama, uni stress and family troubles. We’ve been there for eachother this year and I cannot wait to create more memories with these girls for the next 2 years.




Goodbye first year

Obviously it hasn’t just been going out 24/7 but the univeristy work itself I have enjoyed (although maybe not being hungover in some lectures!). I have my summer ball coming up within the next week which is more like a festival where everyone dresses up in fancy dress. I cannot wait to celebrate with all my friends finishing our first year together. I’ve given an overall summary of my first year but trust me I have SO many stories that I plan on sharing! Bring on second year.



2016 for me was a great year. I had done so much including starting this blog. Summer came and I was very into blogging with posts scheduled weekly. Then came September.

I started University in September and thought that I could keep up with blogging,taking photos, filming, making friends,settling in, uni work, going out etc. Well it’s pretty clear that I couldn’t.

Moving to a new place is scary enough but when you don’t know anyone its terrifying. I wanted to meet as many people as I could. Which luckily I have, I’ve made some amazing friends over the last few months which I am very grateful for.

I cant blame my absence just on going to uni either. I was feeling totally uninspired. Seeing so many amazing blog posts from people left me comparing my blog to theirs. Which I know shouldn’t be done but its a lot easier said than done.

It felt like everything I was writing had already been written and I couldn’t find a way to make it personalised to me. I felt pressure to constantly buy makeup or new clothes to blog about and being a student money has to be very budgeted.

There’s so many things that I would like to blog about besides fashion and beauty which I was scared no one would really care about or want to read. Then over Christmas I thought fuck it.I should be writing about whatever I want, if just one person enjoys my post than thats fine by me.

Which leads me onto this year. My blog posts are hopefully going to be a real mixture of things. I’m hoping to be organised and have a schedule but if I cant think of anything to write I’m not going to put so much pressure on myself to HAVE to get a post up.

I’ve missed blogging and the community online. Especially twitter chats!
So I’m back bitches and it feels great.

I’ll write again soon.

Tianna x


Hello 2017.

Hello my loves, I’m back!

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas & New Year.

My blog is changing this year! All will be explained in a new blog post coming very soon. I couldn’t think of a better way to start the new year off than jumping back into blogging . I cannot believe that we are already in 2017! where did the year go?!

Every year I seem to set my self a list of new year resolutions (I manage to do about 1 on a list of 20). However this year I thought I’d share with you all my new years resolutions and all I want to achieve in the year 2017.

1. Stop sleeping your life away

It’s no secret to those who know me that I like my sleep… a lot. I can sleep for 12 hours quite happily,wake up and a few hours later take a nap! I feel as though most of my life is spent sleeping which needs to change. I’m now waking up early ( yes I class 7 am very early) and plan to get much more done in the day.

2. Follow through with plans

Exciting holidays,texting that guy first,getting a tattoo etc etc. All things which I plan to do,just never actually do them. I’m definitely a sayer and not a doer which needs to change. I need to follow through with plans that I say I will do and stop being such a scaredy cat.

3. Get Fit

Big shock that this is a resolution, I’m pretty certain that this is on most peoples lists. Im for sure a girl who likes her food… maybe a little too much at times. Christmas time leaves me feeling like a stuffed turkey (trust me, its not a good look). Time to get on the trainers and get my butt to the gym.


No time for “fuckboys” this year. I’m in need of a boycation (unless your Zac Efron…)

5. Learn

There’s so much I want to learn this year! Pole Fitness,astronomy and another language. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be flinging my body around a pole,whilst speaking about the stars in French.

6. Stop saying no.

Ok so this relates to me actually following through with plans. I am one of those people who always thinks of things that can go wrong which usually ends up with me saying no to things. I need to just bite the bullet and say yes to things.

7. Be more organised.

Scheduled blog posts, do my uni work the day I get it, film more videos. My best friend got me a personalised calendar and my mum got me a gorgeous Ted Baker notebook,I think they’re hinting that I need more organisation in my life.

8. Film, film, film

I kind of deserted my Youtube channel at the end of last year. Which I’ll explain why in another blog post. I have loads of ideas for this year!. My dream is to actually become a cinematographer so I’m going to get my camera out and get some beautiful shots (I hope!)

9. Stop complaining

I’m that typical British person who complains if it’s too hot, complains if its too cold blah blah blah. I can moan about pretty much anything. Which needs to stop. Nobody wants to be around a Moaning Myrtle!

10. Live life

I want to go on as many adventures as I possibly can this year! I don’t want to just sail through life doing the same thing everyday. I need to get out, do stuff and start living.

Those are my 10 resolutions this year. Hopefully I’ll actually do them all. Do you have any resolutions this year? I would love to hear them!

Write soon,

T x



Hometown Hunt-Autumn/Winter

I am totally obsessed with all things Autumn/Winter related,I turn into Buddy the elf mid September(no joke)
When Eventbrite got in contact with me about an Autumn project I was super excited!

As the year ends there are so many different festivities and events going on.Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to keep up with whats happening which means we often miss out on having an amazing time. That’s why Eventbrite are running a project where I get to tell you about all the seasonal events that happen around me so you dont miss a single thing!

Winter Wonderland-Hyde Park (London).

If you live in England you will for sure have heard of this. A magical Winter Wonderland based in the centre of the Capital. You have to pay to enter the attraction but it is totally worth it. This is definitely a MUST every year. There’s Ice skating,food,rides,music,drinks and SANTA! what more can you possible want?

Southampton Christmas Festival

If you fancy something a little less packed then Southampton have the most amazing Christmas market. There are so many different stalls with something for everyone!Food,toys,jewellery,drink and a ton of cute christmas decorations. Such a lovely place to go for all the family.

Winter On Ice (Reading)
A miniature London Winter Wonderland (but with free entry!) This is pretty similar to the Hyde Park Wonderland just on a smaller scale. Much more for little children as the rides are quite small. The food stands are incredible and I love their freshly made donuts sprinkled with cinnamon (yes they do taste as amazing as they sound!)

Pumpkin Festival (St Albans)
Ok so admittedly this one is more for children but the day goes full on Pumpkin mad!
pumpkin olympics,pumpkin carving and a pumpkin show?! Let your inner child run wild at this place. Trust me you wont regret it.

There you have it just a couple of events happening that I feel shouldn’t be missed! I’d LOVE to know what other events are going on, I want to go to as many as possible. Let me know in the comments!






The Versatile Blogger Award.

I have never been nominated for a blog award or tag of any kind so when the lovely Elizabeth Ferguson nominated me to take part in the versatile blogger award I was so excited.

I’ve been quite absent from the social media world lately as I moved to university one week ago which means I’m trying to make friends and socialise. It’s been very hard to keep on track with my social media but I’m going to be trying more (pinky promise).

All I have to do is give you all 7 facts about me that you may not have already known. Without me blabbering on anymore lets do this!

1.Although my dad and half of my family live in Barbados I have never been. I’m terrified of flying so the thought of being on a plane for that long scares the crap out of me.

2. I used to be a little rock chick! Think tartan skirts,safety pins,wrist warmers and a lot of black eyeliner…. not my best look.

3.The book fractured by Dani Atkins literally changed my outlook on life. It’s a romance novel but after I bawled my eyes out at the end I was left for a good hour questioning my entire existence.

4.The John Lewis Christmas adverts ALWAYS make me cry. I mean it,every year without fail I will be a total mess singing the song into a tub of Ice Cream.

5.If you know from watching my 50 Facts about me video I love Peter Pan. When I was younger I left my window open for him to take me to Neverland. Ok I feel like I’m not the only one who has ever done this… someone…anyone?Nope ok I’ll move on.

6.I used to want to be a country singer! Although I wouldn’t of been a very good one.

7.When High School Musical came out I was literally obsessed.I mean I still am who am I kidding.

There you have it my lovelies a few more little facts about me you may not have known!

Now to complete the challenge all I have to do now is nominate 10 bloggers to do the same!

I’m nominating my loves:

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I look forward to seeing all of your facts!





Makeup Haul xoxo

Charcoal Skin Care


For as long as I can remember I have always struggled with spot prone skin. Waking up to find a new spot has decided to make a home on your face is never fun. I fell into the trap of buying celebrity advertised products that they “promised” would have amazing results … they did not.

I thought that nothing would work and I’d just have to settle with covering them all the time. Then on one Twitter beauty chat a lovely person recommended for me to try Bioré.

After seeing many others talking about Bioré products I thought I’d do some research into their Charcoal products. I did not realise how good charcoal is for your skin!

Everything I was reading stated that it “draws out trapped dirt” & “gets rid of imperfections”. After watching countless Youtube videos of people raving about how charcoal is such a good product I was adamant to try it for myself.

I picked myself up two products. The Bioré “Charcoal Facial Cleanser” and the Garnier “Pure Active Intensive Charcoal Scrub”. After only one week I saw massive results.

My skin was so much healthier! it felt smoother and a lot softer. Most of my spots had gone and I started to have much clearer skin. I use both products every night after I remove my makeup before I go to bed. After using this for a month my spots have near enough gone.

I wanted to test if it was down to these products that had caused my skin to clear up. I stopped using them for a couple of nights and the change in my skin was ridiculous. I had started to break out again!

It’s safe to say that these two products have totally changed my skin and I will without a doubt be getting them again and again and again.




Hair Products Review x2

My hair is very hard to maintain, it’s still a trail and error process for me now. I’m constantly trying new products to see which ones are right for me.

Recently I have been trying to find a good hair mask/curling cream to keep my curls healthy,moisturised and smooth.

I have 5 products that I’ve been testing out and some are definitely better than others.

First of all is the cheapest one that I have brought.

The Biotin & Collagen Mask was £3.99 and In this case you could really tell.

Hair review.

It smelt like an overpowering perfume which automatically didn’t make me think it was good for my hair. It left my hair feeling sticky and straw like. If anything this made my hair feel worse not better. Would not recommend.

I then tried the Keracare Defining custard. for £5.35. I had heard so many good things about this product and was so excited to try it.

hair review

Well, I was very disappointed.It smelt amazing I cant fault that but it made my curls rock hard. I felt like a 8 year old boy at a school disco with too much gel in their hair.I tried to brush it out and that made it worse as it left flakes in my hair. Nope not a fan.

Now I heard so many good things about this product as well and was scared to try it as the Keratase thick hair masquintense is £29. To spend that much on a product that may not be great is terrifying.

product review

It paid off let me tell you. The smell was ok but it left my curls feeling so nice. It didn’t make them feel weighed down or sticky. My hair grew so much with this product and I utterly love it. Would 100% recommend if you have the money to spare.

I didn’t want to keep spending so much money on hair product as I’m now a student and budgeting is vital!I’ve been told many times that Avocado is really good for you hair to keep it moisturised so when I found the Garnier Nourishing repairer balm with Avocado oil AND Shea butter I had to try it.


This product is so good! The texture is a little thick but my hair is so dry that I need it. Its only £4.49 which is incredible. I left this in my hair overnight and the next morning my curls felt so fresh & moisturised! You need this in your life people.

Every time my hair dries my curls seem to loose their shape and I turn into one big ball of frizz. I needed something to apply to my hair whilst it was still wet in order for my curls to be maintained. When I found the Shea Butter Curl Awakening custard I had to try it.

Hair reviewx2

I cannot begin to tell you how good this smells. It’s like hot cinnamon which I totally loved. I applied quite a lot to my hair after I had washed it as my hair is very thick. It worked. It actually worked! My hair wasn’t one big ball of frizz and the curls stayed defined. I woke up the next day and the curls are still very defined(yay).

Hopefully this had been helpful to you and try some of the products out for yourselves. Let me know if there are any products that I should try below or on:




Don’t forget to check out my Youtube Channel as well for upcoming hair videos



Why I Love Friends.

So if you don’t know I am a MASSIVE friends fan. Like seriously I can quote the lines every time I watch a show. Last week I went to the Friends Fest in Essex which was incredible. I filmed my day which you can see on my Youtube Channel.

A lot of people I know either say to me “I’ve never seen friends” or “I don’t get what the big deal is” well let me give you 10 reasons as to why you should watch it and what it has taught me.

1.All the characters are so different.

There are 6 main characters and I can guarantee that at least one character will remind you of someone in your friendship group.

The mum of the group.


The sarcastic one.


The geeky one.


The fun loving ditz.


The boy obsessed fashionista


And the dumb but loveable one.

2. Its set in New York!


The city that never sleeps, the 6 characters are true New Yorkers.

3. There are some serious issues as well as humour.


An adoption,same sex marriage,divorce,deaths,weddings,births it covers pretty much everything.

4.Even if you cant dance. Dance. Enjoy yourself!

Who cares if everyone is watching or laughing at you. If you are having a good time you dance like there is no tomorrow.


5. Peoples true colours will always show.

You may not want it to be true but not all of your friends have your best interest.


6.Its ok to be a “geek”

You don’t always have to like things just because they’re popular. Like whatever you want without the fear of being judged.


7.Your true girls will always have your back.

Going through a break up,needing a shoulder to cry on, a good night out or just some company. Your true girls will always come through when you need them. No matter the situation.



8.If someone wants to have some of your food you CAN say no.

Don’t you hate when you’re really hungry and people ask “can I have some?”. I’m always too polite to say no but Joey has taught me it’s ok not to always share.


9.Love yourself.

Every character has taught me to love myself. Acknowledge how much of a great person you are. It’s not being “big headed” or “having a big ego” its simply self loving.


10.Your friends are always there.

Like it says in the theme tune “I’ll be there for you” I mentioned this earlier but your friends (real friends that is) will ALWAYS be by your side through the good and bad.

I hope I’ve tempted you all to go and watch it and hopefully you’ll learn as much as I have over the years.





Makeup Haul xoxo (2)

Top 4 Date night Outfits-Adore Me.

I’m excited to be part of a project ran by Adore me who make THE most amazing lingerie,bras and panties ever. It’s all about finding the perfect date night outfit.

Adore me have some absolutely beautiful pieces and after scrolling through their “Bra & Panties” page I wanted to buy everything! What girl can resist pretty lace underwear? because I definitely can’t.

If you’ve been on a date before you will know the excitement of getting ready beforehand trying to find the outfit that is just right to make you feel super sexy and confident. Every girl has that “I have nothing to wear” thought going through their head. To help you all and hopefully give a little inspiration I thought I’d help you out and show you some of my perfect date night options.

The outfit you wear totally depends on what it is you are actually going to be doing. You wouldn’t want to wear a super sexy dress if you’re going on a rock climbing date would you?!

I’ve come up with a total of 4 different looks which will hopefully help some of you when deciding what to wear on your date. All the underwear that you see here is by Adore Me. If you haven’t already I’d 100% recommend seeing what other pieces they have either on their website or Pinterest

1.Little Black Dress.
2.Casually Classy.
3.Pretty In Pink.
4.Simple Yet Sexy.

Let me know what you all think of these outfit choices by commenting below or telling me on:






Top 5 highlighters

Top 5 Highlighters

There is definitely one thing you need to know about me. I am obsessed with highlighters,literally give me that glow!

In my opinion a girl can never have too many highlighters and I thought that I would share with you all my absolute favourites.

I rave about Seventeen products all the time and if you follow me on twitter or instagram then you will know that I LOVE their shimmer bricks .They are my holy grail highlighter which I wear everyday.

For only £4.99 they are super pigmented,last on my face all day and are so easy to apply.
I tend to swirl my brush around the whole brick but if you don’t want to do that then you have 4 fabulous shades to pick from. I have both the Pink Bronze and Gold Bronze(the gold one is my favourite) I 100% recommend.


The next two come in palettes and are more on the pricey side but when you see them you’ll understand why.

First lets start with the Urban Decay Flushed Palette in the colour “Streak”. With this palette you get a bronzer,highlighter and a blush. I haven’t really used the bronzer and blush as Im not that fond of them BUT the highlighter oh my goodness. It’s so pretty and has lasted me for AGES. If you like the Bronzer and Blush that comes with it then thats a bonus!Its £23.50 and comes in 4 different shades.

Top Highlight

The next is the Bare Minerals Regal Wardrobe Palette
This is £35 and has two different parts.The first part comes with 2 blushes, one highlight and a bronzer.The other part has 8 eyeshadows all in beautiful shades. Having all of that in one palette is literally amazing! The highlighter is incredible and is quite subtle which is great if you’re a highlighting newbie!


The most intense highlighter I own is also the cheapest believe it or not. MUA highlighters are such good value for money and I cannot stress this enough. I have the shade Pink Shimmer and let me tell you, it shimmers..a lot!. For £3 you cant go wrong with this highlighter. It’s the most pigmented highlighter I own and a little bit on your brush goes a long way.

Drugstore highlight

There you have it everyone my top highlighters I use to make me glow. If you have any recommendations please let me know as I’m always looking to expand my collection!
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